Where Cards Fall

Getting Support

You can get support by emailing us at support@builtbysnowman.com. The full details of our Customer Support Policy are below.

Customer Support Policy

Snowman is committed to providing helpful and timely customer support to ensure your gaming experience remains as positive and barrier-free as possible. We offer support to players of Where Cards Fall by the scope, hours, and channels below.

1. Scope of Support

Before contacting our Support channel, please refer to this guide of “Frequently Asked Questions” to see if the answer to your question can be found on our website; www.wherecardsfall.com.

Snowman’s support is available for the following:

1.1 Troubleshooting

1.2 Localization

2. Limitations of Support

2.1 Snowman’s customer support services do not extend to the following areas:

3. Who can contact Support?

3.1 This service is available to all players of Where Cards Fall on Apple Arcade. Support requests will only be processed if:

4. Support Channels

4.1 Customer support is available through the following official channels:

Email Requests can be made via email at: support@builtbysnowman.com

5. Unofficial Channels

5.1 The customer support team can only solve issues submitted via the channels above. However, we may respond to requests or comments made via social media channels with instruction for further support.

6. Response Time

6.1 Snowman’s studio hours are 9am - 6pm Eastern Time, Monday - Friday, excluding Canadian holidays. Support inquiries may be submitted at any time but expected response time will vary based on volume of requests and order in which they came.

7. Updates

Snowman will consider all serious requests submitted and will attend to the issues that majorly affect gameplay first and foremost. While we understand that encountering issues in any game may be frustrating, we thank you for your patience during the time it takes to improve and deliver an update of the current version.